Inn at Arlington

Historical photos of Inn at Arlington, Marble Cliff, ohio

This structure's existence was noted in the 1976 GHMCHS publication, Sheltering a Heritage. The Lindenberg family bible cited that the Charles Lindenberg family rented a home called the "Inn" in Arlington, as Marble Cliff was known then, during the summer of 1903. Other data indicate that this home was one of several structures that existed on the 17 acres originally purchased by Mr. John F. Miller, from the Arlington Place developers Timothy J. Price and family. Mr. Miller was an executive with the Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, St. Louis, and Chicago RR Company and resided in Richmond, Indiana. It is assumed that he built this home, along with the Frick/McKay home at 1600 Roxbury, as well as a home on Arlington Ave as rentals. Given that Mr. Miller contracted with Frank Packard for the design of his other house, there is speculation that Packard also designed this structure, although it is unconfirmed. Deed searches reveal a long history of leases associated with the land. Reference is also made to this house as the temporary meeting place of the Arlington Riding and Golf Club. Early newspaper articles describe various events held on the property. This picture was obtained from the Upper Arlington Historical Society with a legend indicating that it was diagonally across from convent on the Our Lady of Victory property. Research has shown that the structure, which no longer exists, was located just North of Cardington on Roxbury. The Inn was most likely razed in 1908 by Mr. Bush, who bought 4.7 acres from Mr. Miller in 1907 the prior to the construction of his new mansion which was subsequently integrated in St. Raphael's Home for the Aged.