Columbus Country Club

Historical photos of Columbus Country Club, Columbus Ohio

Columbus Country Club Source Columbus Vignettes
Address 4831 Broad St E
Architect Packard, Frank L
Date 11/19/1904 (opened) 1/11/1962 (burned) - 10/28/1962 began new facility. It opened 11/24/1963
250 acres in the original purchase.
From The Ohio Architect and Builder, V3#1, Jan 1904: Architect Frank Packard has completed plans for an elegant club house for the Columbus Country Club at the junction of East Broad street and the Big Walnut creek. It will have a frontage of 160 feet and a depth of 100 feet. Main porch 112 feet long 118 feet in depth. Frame construction, oak interior finish, polished oak floors, Flemish oak finish in dining room, maple floor In ball room, shingle roof, steam radiation heat, Iron radiators, Acetylene gas plant furnished. Contract has been let to Ewers Bros this city. Estimated cost $18,000.