Clarence H. White Residence and Studio

Historical photos of Clarence White Residence and studio, Newark, ohio

Clarence Hudson White was born in West Carlisle, Ohio in 1871. When he was 16 years old, his family moved to Newark, Ohio, where he developed a fondness for music and images as an art form. He married Jane Felix in 1893. They barely met ends financially, and Jane's father John Felix eventually supported them with some property. White (or Felix) hired Frank Packard to design a house around 1900, and later a studio for his photographic arts interest in 1901. White was a renowned photographer, and founding member of the Photo-Secession movement, and his work with New York artist Alfred Stieglitz was instrumental in advancing photography as an art form. In fact, he moved to New York in 1906 to be closer to the arts community, but many of his photos were taken in and around Newark. The blueprint images above and below are scans of blueprints that were drawn for these two structures by Packard. They are from the collection of the late Prof. Paul Young, who taught at the school of architecture at The Ohio State University. The photos of the house are from the collection of the Licking County Historical Society, used by permission.

house and Studio