Columbus public Schools Library

Historical photos of Columbus public Schools Library

Columbus Public School Library building opened in 1853 as the Town Street First Methodist Episcopal Church and became the School Library headquarters on 4/7/1892.
Address 40 Town St E
Architect Yost, Packard and Fay (Remodled church into library)
Demolished ca. 1928.
Became public school library 4/7/1892 land given to Methodists in 1814 by the four proprietors. Log church built 1815 and replaced by a brick church in 1825. That church was replaced in 1852. Site of first Republican Convention which organized here. Congregation moved to 873 Bryden in 1891; Columbus Dispatch 9/19/1891, p4; photo in Columbus 1860-1910 by Barrett OH977.13 C72 B274co p.64