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In 1922, prominent Granville resident John Sutphin Jones entered into a development pact with the Village of Granville to build the Granville Inn and Golf Course; included as part of the agreement was the construction of a sanitary sewer system. Jones commissioned the construction of the Granville Inn in the Jacobethan Revival style on the site of the Granville Female College, which had closed its doors in 1898. The stone and half-timber structure was designed by Frank Packard; all the sandstone for the Inn was quarried at Bryn Du. While most of the Granville Female College was torn down for the Inn, the gymnasium building with classrooms built by the college’s last president, Dr. William Kerr, was left standing, renovated, and was later connected to the main structure, housing three garages with guest rooms on the second floor. The Inn changed hands several times, and Bob Kent, Granville resident and Denison graduate, purchased the Inn and Golf Course at Sheriff’s Sale in 1998 and the Kents undertook a huge modernization project at that time.

The Inn has been modified several times during its 90 years. In the 1950s, an addition connecting the Inn to the old building was constructed and housed management offices and a prep kitchen, plus mechanical rooms and storerooms on the lower level. The Dining Portico (now the Denison Hall) was covered at the same time. Later, the Great Hall became the main Dining Room. The former Dining Room became one of seven banquet rooms (now Gallery 1831). The front patio was covered with a seasonal awning which became permanent after 2003. Six hotel rooms were combined into three suites. And of course in the 1970s when Granville finally approved the sale of liquor, a portion of the dining room became the Pub. In the 1980s, the Great Hall was expanded and the meeting rooms on the lower level were modernized. In 2010 the Chef’s Table Wine Shop opened in the location of the old bakery. The Granville Inn was purchased in November 2013 by Denison University, and underwent significant updates and renovations (drawing by Acock Associates at bottom.)

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