J.F. Miller Summer Home

Historical photos of J.F. Miller Summer Home - marble cliff, ohio

This home is sometimes referred to as the Frick/McKay Residence, or the Frederick Stecker Residence. Stecker and his wife Virginia owned the home when it was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1984. The image below appeared in an early 1900s book entitled "Handsome Homes of Columbus, Ohio" published by S. S. Maughlin & Co. and illustrated by Bucher Engraving Co. The caption read "Rustic Bridge - Arlington." The following two images show the home today, and the bottom image is from "The Country Club District" brochure, circa 1915. For more information on this house, see the 1998 Tour of Homes document.

Typical of Packard residential design at the time, this house is an eclectic stylistic design that incorporates Victorian-era Stick wall treatments with irregular massing, Early Gothic Revival and Carpenter Gothic decorative treatments (with diamond-paned, pointed, and arched windows) and heavy bargeboards protecting the eaves.