Jeffrey Mansion

Historical photos of Jeffrey Mansion - bexley, ohio

After working at the Jeffrey Manufacturing Company, the founder’s son, Robert Jeffrey, turned to politics and in 1903, at the age of 29, became mayor of Columbus. After three years he returned to the family firm, where he remained for the rest of his career. Note the mansion’s many Jacobethan Revival design features: brick walls with cut stone trim, multiple casement windows, and ornamented doorways. Crenellations on the tops of some walls are reminiscent of English castles. The entrance area dates from 1922, and the south wings, porte cochere, and west terrace from 1926. The elevated west terrace provides expansive views over the property. In 1941 Jeffrey donated the house to the city of Bexley to be used as a community center. Jeffrey Mansion is located within a park of nearly forty acres. Facilities include a large lawn behind the house, picnic shelter, tennis courts, a community swimming pool, and trails through the woods along Alum Creek.