Kinnear and Gager Manufacturing

Historical photos of Kinnear and Gager Manufacturing

Kinnear and Gager Manufacturing
Address: Corner of Grant and Mt. Vernon
Architect: F.L. Packard
Currently the home of BalletMet Columbus, it was built in 1906 for the Kinnear and Gager Manufacuring Co., and was purchased in 1920 by Franklin Schoedinger for his sheet metal business. W.R. Kinnear was credited for the first stamped metal ceiling, created in 1886 or 1887. Both he and Edwin Gager were active in Columbus business circles, sharing memberships in various clubs with Frank Packard. Packard often used the sheetmetal ceilings of Kinnear, as well as other architectural components manufactured by Kinnear and Gager. In 1890 Schoedinger established a small store, handling stoves and house furnishing goods. He later branched out into different lines of manufacturing enterprises, gradually building up a large sheet metal business.. He established in 1890 and was sole owner of the F. O. Schoedinger Company, manufacturers of sheet metal builders' material, metal window frames and sash, steel ceilings, roofing, architectural sheet metal work, and distributors of tin plate and metals and everything pertaining to sheet metal workers' requirements. He was also one of the organizers of the Schoedinger Marr Company and served as its treasurer and president, liquidating in 1922. He purchased the Kinnear and Gager Co. and facility in 1920 and added an addition to it that year.


The ad to the left is for a Kinnear & Gager Stamped Sheetmetal ceiling; the image to the right is from a collectible 1909 letter, on K&G letterhead, which shows a drawing of the building