chittenden hotel

Historical photos of chittenden hotel

Chittenden Hotel
Source Columbus Vignettes
Address 205 High St N
Architect Yost and Packard (Hotel #3) Person Chittenden, Henry T

There were 3 Chittenden Hotels, since the first two were destroyed by fire soon after opening.
Date 1889 (hotel #1) 1892( hotel #2) 3/16/1895 (opened Hotel #3) closed 3/15/1972 demolished 2/1973. (Hotel #2) and Henrietta Theater designed by George Bellows, Sr. of Packard and Yost

Henry Treat Chittenden, namesake of Chittenden Avenue near Ohio State’s campus, was a Columbus businessman, in the streetcar operations business. In 1889, he converted an office building (the Parker Building) on the corner of Spring and High to a hotel, adding two floors and extensively renovating the building. In 1890, the building was gutted by a huge fire. Chittenden built a new building on the site, which opened in 1892. In 1893, a fire started during a performance in the attached Henrietta Theater, and it too was consumed by the fire. This fire went out of control and burned the entire block (an 1893 issue of the Brickbuilder indicated the entire block was destroyed in only an hour and a half.) Undeterred, Chittenden hired Frank Packard to design the third hotel, this time out of concrete, stone, steel, and brick. It was 8 stories tall and occupied nearly the entire block. It opened in 1895 and lasted until 1972. In the early 1950s the hotel was sold, and the new owner had all of the eaves and the Moorish towers removed to reduce upkeep costs just after 1960. The entire structure was demolished in 1973. The photos at the bottom of this page shows the second hotel and its ruins after the fire.


The Chittenden Hotel can be seen in the above photo at the top center (photo looking north up High Street from Capitol Trust near Broad and High).









This early drawing shows the Chittenden and the adjacent theater as they were conceived in 1895.






1959 Columbus Citizen Journal photograph (


The above two photos show the removal of the eaves and turrets in the early 1960s (undated Columbus Citizen Journal photo), and the building after the eaves have been taken away (1963 photo, Firestone Photographs postcard.)



The above two photos show the 2nd Chittenden Hotel before and after the 1893 fire.