huntington-harrison building

Historical photos of huntington bank building (harrison building)

Opened as Harrison Building (1903). In 1916, Huntington Bank opened its headquarters there. In 1925 a Packard design was used to build a new structure against the Harrison Building’s north wall, and a facade was then wrapped around the front of the old and new buildings. The above photo shows the new structure to the right during construction, before the facade was added.



The old Harrison Building can be seen behind the wraparound facade to the left of the statue.


A view of High and Broad from above the Ohio Statehouse in 1906: from left to right, the 12-story Harrison Building, 11-story Wyandotte and Wheeler Buildings, the 5-story Deshler Hotel complex, the 16-story Capitol Trust Building, the new Hayden skyscraper, and the original Hayden Building.