Society life members

life members as of August, 2017

Teri Alexander
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Allardyce
David W. Anderson
Dennis Anderson and Mary Ann Silagy
Ralph W. and Ann T. Anderson
Richard D. and Molly Anderson
Mr. William Arthur
Mrs. Diana G. Arthur
Ann and Damon Baker
Vincent and Barbara Barresi
Teresa and Brian Biernat
Mrs. Janice Lusk Brander
Constance N. Brody, Ph.D.
Thomas and Paula Brown
Mary and Steve Burkey
Anthony and Cindy Byington
Wayne and Pam Carlson
Mrs. Jackie Day Cherry
Farrah and Jeffrey Chrstos
JoAnn Curry
Ms. Jeri Diehl Cusack
Ray DeGraw
Mr. Thomas DeMaria
Mr. and Mrs. Grant Douglas
Helen L. Evans
Daniel J. and Mary Clare Evans
Ken Frick and Cynthia McKay
Dr. Thomas Frye
Tim and Tess Galvin
Jane Davis Gladwin
Jamie Greene
Johanna Guzik
Court Hall, Jr.
Ron and Jane Harris
Alyn Eickholt Harrison
Mrs. Shirley A. Hatch
Bob and Marnie Hoag
Mr. and Mrs. John Hoge
Mrs. Robert J. Hudson
Holly Hunt
Ruthanne James
Matthew and Kimberly Jolson
Dr. Andrew and Anna Kalnow
Steven and Linda Keller
Mrs. Richard Klitch
Terry Koch
Willam F. Koch, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. Ed Kosnik
Brian and Sally Kriska
Brian and Jill Kuyper
Mr. and Mrs. Gavin Larrimer
Tracy Liberatore
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Ludlum
Bruce and Sue Mickatavage
Joseph R. Miller
Helen and Adam Miller
Phil and Megan Miller
Margaret Mooney
Nancianne Nardone
Phillip Niedzielski-Eichner
Lucille Osborn
Floradelle A. Pfahl
Sandy Pfening
Elizabeth T. Putnam
Sam Randazzo and Carol Farmer
Lou Ann and Buss Ransom
Mrs. Carmen Rings
Art Rogers
Jeff Shirazi and Greta Kearns
Marjorie R. Schloss
Charles R. and Joan B. Seiple
Kim Sides
Joanna K. Slade
Dr. and Mrs. George Staab
Terry Smith
Kent and Susan Studebaker
Nick Taggart and Michele Reinhart
Andrew Todd
Jeffrey E. Todd
Mark A. Todd
Colleen Tootell and Ed Troyer
Mr. Dirken Voelker
Ms. Betty Walker
Virginia J. Welch
Brad and Teri Williams

New Life Members (Since August 2017)
Jodi and Bryan Bair (2017)
Elizabeth and Mike Bockbrader (2017)
Laura and Rich Carter (2017)
Tendy Chiang and Amita Maturu (2017)
Tim and Tess Galvin (2017)
Scott Henningsen and Kelly Mooney (2017)
Melanie Houston (2017)
Jack and Margaret Kukura (2017)
Connie and Frank Lolli (2017)
Lisa McNamara (2017)
Courtney Miller and Alexa Konstantinos (2017)
Kim Sides (2017)
R. Chris Smith and Gina Mazzei-Smith (2017)
Colleen Tootell and Ed Troyer (2017)
Collin and Linda Wheeler (2017)
Patrick and Laura Youseff (2017)