July 2017

Grandview cafe

  • A Society Founding Father
  • The Grandview Cafe - Past and Present
  • New Life Member Profile - the Hoags

may 2017


  • Archives Room Turns 40
  • Vaud-Villities Celebrates 75 Years
  • Board Members Sought
  • Going Green


GH/MCHS Home Tour

  • Home Tour Announcement
  • No Place Like Home
  • Tombstone Uncovered
  • Annual Meeting announcement - October 23, 2pm
    “Who Do You Think You Are?”
    a presentation by Angela O’Neal
  • Going Green

JULY 2016


  • Swimming Through the Years
  • From the Archives: How Did They Die? by Norman and Betty Donaldson
  • WOSU Columbus Neighborhoods: Tri-Village DVDs available
  • A Short History of new Lifetime Member Teri Alexander
  • Visit the Archive Room - July 23rd
  • The Society is Getting Greener

MARCH 2016

Tribute to Win Keller

  • Calling volunteers for Home Tour
  • Board Member Profile - Jackie Day Cherry
  • WOSU Columbus Neighborhoods: Tri-Village DVDs available
  • Recipe from Lowell Williams Archive
  • In Memorium - Winifred W. Keller 1930-2015
  • Grandview Walking Tour webpage

October 2015

Tribute to Pat Mooney

  • Making Columbus Neighborhoods: Tri-Village
  • In Memoriam - Patrick J. Mooney 1931-2015
  • New Benefits with Annual Membership Renewal
  • Lifelong Learning Institute Salutes Pat Mooney
  • Let's talk about Grandview!

May 2015

WOSU Neighborhoods special

  • Tri-Village Joins WOSU Columbus Neighborhoods Documentary Series
  • Inside Columbus Neighborhoods: How the Project Began and How the Work is Done
  • What do an Explorer, an Entrepreneur, a Notre Dame Football Player, a Truck Farmer, and an Automobile Stylist Have in Common? - The Who's Who of Grandview

december 2014

The society turns 40

  • The Society Turns 40 - Happy Anniversary!
  • Part II: Happy 90th Birthday, Grandview Library!
  • The Breezeway in Grandview Avenue Bank Block
  • Lighting Up the Night!
  • Timeline of Local History

october 2014

the korn krib

  • Local History at Your Fingertips
  • The Korn Krib Era at 1272 Cambridge
  • Bank Block Breezeway

april 2014

history of grandview library

  • 90 Years of Collections & Connections: The History of the Grandview Heights Public Library
  • Happy 90th Birthday Grandview Library!
  • Library Memories