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Grandview Schools Kindergarten Annex (1950)

Fairview and First

Built in 1950 across from the Edison Elementary School on the site of the old Harding School building,

the annex was an award-winning design that incorporated furniture and facilities that were built to the

needs of the kindergarten student. Door handles were lower, furniture was smaller, lockers were kid-sized, etc.

It also had a fully equipped kitchen, and everything was done in "cheerful"

colors and styles that were attractive to kids of this age. All of the photos below were from a feature story

in Ohio Schools magazine, and were also part of a photo spread in the Columbus Citizen Journal.

Front of building


Mrs. Kathryn Bloom and students at the "child-sized" furniture


Mrs. Albert Castenada at the piano; Mrs Bloom fixes lunch in the kitchen area

Mrs. Bloom serves breakfast on the "stage"; all areas, including the coat room, are sized to the kindergarten student.