Grandview Heights / Marble Cliff Historical Society

Dolgradog and the T.J. Price summer home

The home on the left ("Dolgradog") was built at the same time as the John E.

Price house for Mary Jane Price Griswold and her husband Charles C. Griswold.

Mary Jane and John E. were two of the children of Timothy J. Price, whose summer

home is shown on the right in the images below. When M. J. Griswold

died in 1926 she left the west frontage of Dolgradog, from the RR to the River to Marble

Cliff for a park. It did not come to fruition. Her money also built the downtown YWCA.

A map from 1906 shows the location of two buildings on the lot of Dolgradog,

the stable closer to Roxbury, which was then an unpaved rear access road, and the main

house farther west on the lot. These estates face west across the river valley. The T.J Price

home was moved in approximately 1914 to the corner at 1490 Arlington (photo at bottom).

Mary Jane Price Griswold and her husband Charles C. Griswold

The T.J. Price home at its current location at 1490 Arlington