Grandview Heights / Marble Cliff Historical Society

The Grandview High School (1923)

West 3rd Avenue

The top photo shows the original high school building. The next two photos are drawings and floor

plans of the proposed high school from 1921. The next photo shows the 1930 Homecoming

queen Bonnie Jean (BJ) Martin McCullough, with Eddie Holloway driving Bob Ulrich's convertible.

The homecoming game was with Upper Arlington, and Grandview won. The houses in the background

are across the street from the football field. (Note: at this time, the football games were played on

the field between the High School and Edison). The next two images show the 1921 high school

boys football team and the 1922 girls basketball team. The aerial view at the bottom is C. 1955. Note the

houses still located on the northeast corner of the athletic field.