Grandview Heights / Marble Cliff Historical Society

Grandview Swimming Pool

Goodale and Kramer

The old swimming hole was located near the site of the current water treatment plant

on Dublin Road. Members of the community hauled in sand to create a beach, and

built a beach house for changing clothes. The current pool (shown in bottom 1996 photo)

was constructed in 1932 (see original design drawing in image below),

and was the largest community swimming facility in the Columbus area. It was built

by the Grandview Swimming Pool Co. , 1311 Grandview Ave. and was operated on

a limited membership plan. The original officers of the company were C.A. Niple,

J.S. Radebaugh and Henry Taylor.

The top photo is an article from the August 1921 Norwester describing the Grandview

Swimming Beach,followed by a photo from the article. The next photo shows 3 Grandview

children at the swimming hole. In the center is Margaret White.

In the bottom photo, Franz (Jinks) Stone does a swan dive. His family owned the

property at the current location of Stonegate Village.