Grandview Heights / Marble Cliff Historical Society

John E. Price Residence

This house was originally located near the railroad tracks at 5th Avenue. The top two images

appeared in an early 1900s book entitled "Handsome Homes of Columbus, Ohio" published

by S. S. Maughlin & Co. and illustrated by Bucher Engraving Co. The top photo is

looking southeast and has the original caption. The second photo is looking northeast. The

lower images are of the Price family homes to the south - that is, the homes of T.J. Price and

Mary Jane Price Griswold (see also "Dolgradog".) Across the railroad tracks to the West is

the Marble Cliff railroad station, depicted in the bottom photo, looking west down Fifth Avenue.

John Price's ancestors are shown with an 1894 portrait of him at the Marble Cliff centennial celebration in 2002.

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