Grandview Heights / Marble Cliff Historical Society

Sheldon - Wallick Mansion (Built in 1908)

1599 Roxbury Rd.

Designed by New York architect Oswald Hering for Butler Sheldon, who was "mayor" of Marble Cliff

and President of Columbus Railroad, Columbus Light and Power, Columbus Traction and Sheldon Dry

Goods, which was founded by his father Robert E. Sheldon.

It was later owned and occupied by the Dr. Adrian L. (Doc) Wallick family. Educated as a dentist,

Doc Wallick and his brother were the proprietors of the Deshler Hotel in downtown Columbus. His

children, who grew up in the mansion, were Nancianna, Adrian Jr., twins Lewis and Currie, and

Maribelle (Mrs. Frank H. Kearns). Adrian Jr. was later proprietor of A. L. Wallick Refractories on

Johnstown Road. (See additional historical note below.)

The mansion is currently located behind the Roxbury Arms Apartments.

(Also, see more about this home in the Grandview ThisWeek Moment in Time page.).



The information above was recently updated by Mr. Patrick A. T. West of Columbus. Mr. West is married to the

daughter of Maribelle Wallick. To complete the network, Mr. West's mother was Virginia Hinterschied. Her

father, Urban, was proprietor of the Hinterschied China Company which was located on South High Street

somewhere between Town and Mound Streets. Mr. West's grandfather, Urban Hinterschied, sold chinaware

to Doc Wallick, for use at the Deschler Wallick Hotel. Urban's parents, William (founder of Hinterschied China)

and Anna Hinterschied, were both born and raised in Columbus. Mr. and Mrs. West are now grandparents of

eight grandchildren, all Columbus residents and 6th-generation Columbus natives.