The image of the living room to the left was sent as a post card, which was a popular thing to do during the late 1800s and early 1900s. The front of the postcard is shown below.

Grandview Heights / Marble Cliff Historical Society

Howell-Byrne Residence

1100 Broadview Ave.

Panoramic view, circa 1910, of the east side of Broadview Ave showing the home of Alfred B. Howell and his wife
Adrienne Frame Howell at 1100 Broadview on the left. Their residence was up the hill and north from that of AlfredŐs
father, Frank Byers Howell at 1082 Broadview on the right. The pillars mark the entrance to FrankŐs estate which stretched
to Grandview avenue to the east and north to Mulford. The land depicted between both homes was developed as Broadview
Terrace in 1957 by the Amicon family. See the GHMCHS publication Sheltering a Heritage for more information regarding
the Howell family holdings on Broadview.


Three different views of 1100 Broadview circa 1910-1913. Note the current residents, Tom and Laura Byrne,
have enclosed the right front of the original porch and the steps leading to the front porch have been removed.


The living room of 1100 Broadview circa 1910 as depicted on a post card sent by Adrienne Frame Howell
to her brother Gus... The room was decorated in the Arts and Crafts style with oak furniture in the manner
of Gustav Stickley, Tiffany fixtures, and magnificent geometric oriental carpets. The natural woodwork ,
hardwood floors and fireplace are still present and in their original condition.


The dining room also decorated by Adrienne in the Arts and Crafts style. The ceiling
fixture was also Tiffany and the cabinets are full of china decorated by Adrienne in her
studio which she maintained on the second floor of her home. The original cabinetry
is also still present in the dining room.


Adrienne and Alfred Howell the original owners of 1100 Broadview and great aunt and uncle
of Judith Uhl of Sardis, Mississippi who provided these marvelous photos for our archives.
The photo dates from around 1913.


Adrienne with a goose in her back yard. Other photographs show chickens and other small
farm animals roaming free indicating the rural feel of the area during the days before World War I.


Musty, AdrienneŐs bull dog.